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Welcome to the Classroom Check-Up (CCU)

The Classroom Check-Up (CCU) website is a resource for teachers and individuals in the role of supporting teachers (i.e., coaches) to support effective classroom behavior management. Our goal is to make evidence-based training and resources easily accessible to school professionals in their efforts to create positive learning environments. The CCU contains web-based tools and training in the form of intervention modules to support both teachers and coaches. Intervention modules include:
  • Classroom structure
  • Instructional management
  • Behavior management
  • Classroom climate
Each module incorporates elements such as videos, assessment instruments, strategy tools, and action planning tools to facilitate effective and efficient implementation of evidence-based classroom management practices.
For Teachers:
You will find step-by-step training modules and access to specific strategies to support your use of evidence-based practices for creating effective and nurturing learning environments and for reducing and managing challenging student behaviors. You can complete these modules and access the strategies independently or ideally in consultation with a coach.
For Coaches:
You will find a wealth of resources to support teachers in developing effective classroom management skills. The coaching section includes all the resources you will need to implement the CCU model which is an evidence-based class-wide consultation approach grounded in motivational interviewing (MI). The website includes step-by-step training in the CCU model.
You will find tools you can use to directly support teachers in your building to develop effective classroom management systems and practices. Additionally, you can review the resources to determine those that would be helpful to disseminate to individuals in the role of supporting teachers, such as instructional coaches, school psychologists, and other staff who can provide consultation with teachers.
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